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Vehicles with small millage/kilometrage Vehicles with small millage/kilometrage
No security deposit No security deposit
24H service 24H service
Car insurance Car insurance
Lowest rates in Surgut Lowest rates in Surgut
No restrictions on millage/kilometrage  No restrictions on millage/kilometrage
Few and easy formalities (less than 20 minutes) Few and easy formalities (less than 20 minutes)

Sovetnik-Auto — car rental in Surgut

Want to rent a car in Surgut? Yes! It is easy!!

If you temporary lost your “wheels”, if you need a car for work, if you are visiting our city and dependent on driving than you came to the right place. It is often more efficient to rent a car than to ride in a taxi, and it is doubtless more comfortable.  You save your time, money and get the most form the drive. Sovetnik-Auto provides not just a service but a premium quality service!

We can offer you:

  • from 1000 RUB/Day. NO security deposit. No restrictions on mileage/kilometrage
  • More than 100 vehicles in the pool form economy to business class, all the vehicles are not older than 3 years.
  • KASKO car insurance.
  • Formalities take less than 20 minutes.
  • Cash and cashless payments.
  • All the required documents for your accounting
  • Additional services: Driver and Bodyguard.
  • Delivery to any location in the city.
  • Safe driving with children – child seats, special belts.

Feel our comfort!

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